Why Choose Us Over The Big Banks For Your Home Mortgage

When looking for a home loan, most people go to either a mortgage broker or a big bank.    There are, of course, pros and con’s to each, so our home loan experts here at Capital Mortgage have come up with some things for you to consider when choosing where to get your home mortgage loan.

It is understandable for someone to want to go directly to the bank that they use for their everyday checking and savings to inquire about a home loan.  They may have a long-term or personal relationship with their banker and already established a high level of trust with that person.  However, that relationship or trust will not ensure the best rates or lowest costs.

So Why Choose A Mortgage Broker Instead Of A Big Bank?

When someone sits down with a banker at a big bank and explains that they are interested in applying for a home loan, they’ll most likely be handed an application form and give some rate quotes.  In some cases, the banker may not even specialize in home loans.  At Capital Mortgage it’s a different process.  When someone contacts us for help with a home loan, the first thing we’ll do is talk to that person, and try to get a feel for their specific needs, wants, and financial situation.  We ask a lot of questions.   Why?  The answer is that we are not locked into just one option like a bank.  We have dozens of different lenders we work with, all with their own different programs.   We work to find the best fit for you so that you get the best rates and lowest costs possible.   

If you need a home loan, let’s talk!  Let us show you what we can do for you!   If you are already working with a bank, we invite you to compare the rates we can offer before you make your final decision – we know you’ll be glad you did!

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